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Piezo Motion-Tutorial

Piezo Transducers: Nano-Precision Piezoelectric / Actuators and Assemblies

Piezo Transducers, Assemblies

Custom Assemblies
Piezo Disks,

Piezo Stack Transducers

Forces to 100 kN
Fast Response (to
   µsec -Range)
Extreme Lifetime

Ultrasonic Linear
Actuators / Motors

Non Magnetic
Velocity to 600 mm/s
Unlimited Travel
Forces to 30 N
Resolution to 50 nm

Nexline® Nano Pos- itioning Actuators

Non Magnetic
Forces to 600 N
<0.1 nm Resolution
Travel to 20 mm

Flexure-Guided Piezo Actuators

Fast Response
   (msec -Range)
Excellent Guiding
Travel to 1 mm

PI and PI Ceramic are the leading manufacturers of high precision piezo transducers and actuator assemblies in industries such as: Medical; Semiconductors; Biotechnology and Medicine; Lasers, Optics, Microscopy; Aerospace Engineering; Precision Machining; Astronomy and Microsystems Technology. PI offers different types of transducers and actuators:

Bimorph Piezo Bender Tranducers
  • Closed-Loop Option
  • Nanometer-Range Resolution
  • Deflection to 2mm
  • Ceramic Insulation for Extended Lifetime
  • Ideal for Medical Scanning Applications
  • Vacuum-Compatible Versions
  • Low Operating Voltage
  • Mounting Hardware Included

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Bimorph Bender Transducers

P-876 Piezoelectric Patch Transducers
  • Actuator, Sensor or Energy Source
  • Highly Formable Ceramics
  • Can be Applied to Curved Surfaces
  • Customized Solutions on Request
  • Cost-Effective

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PL022 PICMA® Chip Miniature Piezo tranducers
  • Ceramic Encapsulation for Extended Lifetime
  • Ultra-Compact, from 2 x 2 x 2 mm
  • High Curie Temperature
  • Ideal for Dynamic Operation
  • Sub-Millisecond Response / Sub-Nanometer Resolution
  • UHV Compatible to 10-9 hPa
  • Superior Lifetime

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PL022 · PL033 · PL055
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P-007 – P-056 PICA-Stack / High Force Piezoceramic tranducers
  • High Load Capacity to 100 kN
  • High Force Generation to 80 kN
  • Large Cross Sections to 56 mm Diameter
  • Variety of Shapes
  • Extreme Reliability >1000,000,000 Cycles
  • Proven and Flexible Design
  • Sub-Nanometer-Resolution / Sub-Millisecond-Settling-Time
  • Vacuum-Compatible Versions

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P-007 – P-056

NEXACT® Nanopositioning Actuators

N-310 NEXACT® OEM Miniature Linear Motor/Actuator
  • 20 mm Standard Travel Range, Flexible Choice of the Runner Length
  • Compact and Cost-Effective Design
  • 0.03 nm Resolution**To 10 N Push/Pull Force
  • Low Operating Voltage
  • Self-Locking at Rest, No Head Dissipation, Nanometer Stability
  • Non-Magnetic and Vacuum-Compatible Working Principle

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N-381 NEXLACT® Linear Actuator, Manipulator, Piezo Stepper
  • Travel Range 30 mm Zero-Wear Piezo Stepping Drive, Ideal for Micro- and Nano-Manipulation
  • Integrated Linear Encoder Option for Highest Accuracy with 20 nm Resolution
  • Very High Acceleration, e.g. for Cell Penetration
  • Two Operating Modes: Continuous Stepping Mode and Continuously Variable, High-Dynamics Analog Mode for 30 pm Resolution**
  • Up to 10 N Force Generation
  • Self-Locking at Rest, no Heat Generation Smooth Motion, no Closed-Loop Jitter
  • Vacuum-Compatible and Non-Magnetic Versions

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NEXLINE® Nanopositioning Actuators

N-111 NEXLINE®OEM Linear Actuator with Long Travel
  • Winner of the SEMI Technology Innovation Showcase Award
  • 3 mm Travel Range
  • <0.1 Nanometer Resolution
  • Active Force Generation to 30 N
  • >50 N Holding Force Self-Locking
  • Non Magnetic Option

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N-216 NEXLINE® High-Load Piezo Nanopositioning Actuator
  • Travel Range 20 mm
  • Resolutionto 0.03 nm
  • Open-Loop, 5 nm Closed-Loop Up to 800 N Holding Force
  • Self-Locking at Rest
  • Non-Magnetic and Vacuum-Compatible Working Principle
  • Cleanroom Compatible

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Ultrasonic Linear Actuators / Motors

M-674 PILine® RodDrive PiezoMotor Actuators
  • Drive-Component for Integration into Precision Positioning Systems
  • Flexible Choice of Travel Ranges to Several 100 mm
  • Flexible Choice of Push/Pull Forces to Several 10 N
  • Minimum Incremental Motion to 50 Nanometers
  • Velocity to 400 mm/s
  • Self-Locking
  • Non Magnetic Option

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U-164 PILine® Piezo Linear Drive Fast, Compact OEM Ultrasonic Linear Motor
  • Patented Principle Features with High Forces in Small Space
  • Easy Mounting
  • Max. Velocity 500 mm/s
  • Acceleration up to 5 g
  • Min. Incremental Motion to 0,05 µm
  • Self-Locking, Push-/Pull Forces to 4 N
  • No Electro-Magnetic Fields
  • Integrated Actuators & Positioning Systems Also Available

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Flexure-Guided Nanopositioning Actuators

P-601 PiezoMove® High-Precision Lever Amplified Z-Actuator with Flexure Guiding
  • Flexure Guidance for Frictionless, Ultra-Straight Motion
  • Travel Ranges to 480 Microns
  • Resolution to 0.2 Nanometers
  • High Dynamics and Stiffness
  • PICMA® High-Performance Piezo Actuators
  • Open and Closed-Loop Versions
  • Ideal for OEM Applications

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P-602 Flexure Transducer / Actuator, High Stiffness
  • Frictionless Flexure Guiding System for Straight Motion
  • Integrated Motion Amplifier for Travel Ranges to 1 mm
  • High Dynamics and Stiffness, Forces to 400 N, Backlash-Free Construction
  • Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA® Piezo Actuators
  • Available with Integrated Position Sensor
  • Custom Designs with Larger Travel or Faster Response and Non-Magnetic Versions Feasible
  • Ideal for OEM-Applications in Adaptronics, Biotechnology or Microfluidics

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P-603 Piezo Flexure Transducer
  • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System Travel Ranges to 500 µm
  • Cost-Effective Design Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA® Piezo Actuators
  • Available with Integrated Position Sensor Ideal OEM Actuators for Precision Motion Control in Optics, Medical, Biotech and Microfluidics Applications
  • Custom Designs with Larger Travel or Faster Response and Non-Magnetic Versions Feasible

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Piezo Tranducers

P-882, P-885, P-887 – P-888 PICMA® Piezo Stack Transducers
  • Award-Winning Multilayer Transducer Technology
  • Low Operating Voltage
  • Superior Lifetime Even Under Extreme Conditions
  • Very Large Operating-Temperature Range
  • High Humidity Resistance
  • Excellent Temperature Stability
  • High Stiffness
  • UHV Compatible to 10-9 hPa
  • Sub-Millisecond Response & Sub-Nanometer Resolution

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P-882 – P-888
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P-212, P-216 P-225, P-235 Preloaded Piezo Tranducers
  • Travel Range to 180 µm
  • Pushing Forces to 4500 N
  • Pulling Forces to 500 N
  • Sub-ms Response
  • Sub-Nanometer Resolution
  • Options: Vacuum, High- and Low-Temperature

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P-212, P-216
P-225, P-235

P-840 Preloaded Piezo Translators (LVPZT)
  • Displacement to 90 µm
  • Pushing Forces to 1000 N
  • Preloaded for Pulling Forces to 50 N
  • Sub-msec Response
  • Sub-Nanometer Resolution
  • Options: Ball Tip, Vacuum Versions

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P-840 · P-841
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